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I'd like to welcome everyone to a new school year!! Although this is my first school year at Ridgecrest, it is my 7th school year as a math teacher.  I'm so excited to interact with each and everyone of you, so please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns.  I do have high expectations for all my students, and believe every student has the potential to be high achieving.  On this page, you will find useful updates on homework assignments, notes, and announcements on upcoming tests.  I appreciate everyone's support in making this a great school year!! :) 


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Students -

to make-up assessments, when you are absent, please come to my room 15 minutes before school starts. These are the only times I will be giving make-ups, unless it's planned otherwise. 


Parents and Students-
I understand that when we go through notes, it can be challenging for students to understand the concepts while trying to write and listen at the same time.  For this reason, I will be posting my notes Sunday before the week starts, for those students that wish to print the notes to follow along in class, highlighting and adding as they wish.  This could really benefit students that are struggling to focus and/or having a hard time keeping up with the pace of the notes. Hope this helps!! :) 


Please do me a HUGE favor and try to check your child's Aeries account at least once a week.  I try to update grades as soon as possible, so it's very helpful when you follow up with student grades at home.  Any zero on a homework assignment, or quiz scores of 6 or lower should be warning signs of grades being affected in a negative way.  Low quiz scores mean students need to spend more time studying their notes, discussing the concepts with a buddy, watching videos from the website resources, asking more questions in class, etc


Remember there's only 1 extra credit opportunity per testing cycle so take advantage of this.  This extra credit will replace any one homework assignment, exit ticket, or quiz grade. Extra credit will only be given to those that show their work on a separate sheet of paper.  No extra copies will be given if you lose it. This has been passed out today, 9/18 and DUE 9/27. Please ask if you have any questions about the assignment.   

My Apologies...

Parents, I do apologize, due to a PVPUSD policy, we will no longer have homework on Fridays. :( I communicated this to ALL students today.  Starting NEXT WEEK...our official homework days will be TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS!! Our assessments will remain Wednesdays and Fridays. For this week only, homework will be given Wednesday and Thursday. Sorry for all the back and forth, and thank you again for all your support. :)
  • Tuesday --> Homework

  • Wednesday --> Assessment

  • Thursday --> Homework

  • Friday --> Assessment

Parent Concerns-

Good Morning!!
I acknowledge that many parents are concerned about certain assessment scores, your child adjusting to 6th grade, and the need to be in contact with me.  Due to the HIGH volume of contacts from parents, please allow me 48 hours to respond to your concerns.  I ask that you please be patient with me due to the fact that attending to everyone of my 165+ students is not easy.  Please trust that I value each and everyone of your children, and that I am giving them and you 150%.  I will be responding to each and everyone one of you, but for now please understand the following: 
1) I do not accept late assignments. (or else I would never have grades done for your children)
2) If your child did not do well on an assessment, I will not offer redo's (again if I allowed this for every child, grading would never be complete) 
I will be advising some of the concerns some have contacted me about, so until then, I cannot wait to meet you all for back to school, and maybe then I'll help reduce a lot of the anxiety I'm receiving. :)


Parents - I understand the transition to middle school can be a difficult one.  Please help me by consistently checking your child is doing their homework.  I already have too many students not bringing homework.  Please know that homework benefits the students, it's their opportunity to practice and achieve the concept.  No practice = no success. Thank you for your support! :)

REMINDER: You will receive a 0 for the following...

Parents and students- I've already seen this too often, please be aware you will receive a grade of 0 for the following:


1) No Name

2) No Last Name

3) No Work

4) No Pencil (Work shown in pen; already noticed messy work)

5) Wrong Page (No excuse, homework is on this website)

Please know that #1 and #2 are fixable, and students can resubmit once their full name is on their paper.  Those papers done in pen will have to be redone for credit.  #3 and #5 will not be able to redo.  Please understand we're trying to help students establish better work habits for the future!! Thank you! 

Homework Grade

Parents and students, please be aware that 5 points are given for COMPLETED homework.  I do not give credit based on how many students got wrong or right.  They are given points based on completion. We will be going over homework and answering any specific questions students may have about the homework.  Once I've given students credit for the homework, they will receive it back.  If students are receiving any wrong answers, I'd advise them to go back to the question and their notes and review those specific questions for future quizzes and/or tests!!! Hope this clarifies how homework will function in my class. :) Questions or concerns, please email me! 

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Thank You!!!