RIS DancePE 22-23 Back-to-School Announcement

As we prepare to return to school, please read the following!
SIGNATURE PAGES—will be handed out on the first day of school.
Parents/Guardians, the dancers will be coming home after the first day of school with a signature page that requires both student and parent/guardian signatures confirming that you read through the full class syllabus (which will be posted here and on TEAMS). Please ensure this is completed, and your dancer brings it to school to turn in by August 26th
CLASS MATERIALS/DANCE ATTIRE—please obtain all class materials/dance attire by September 2nd.
Class Materials—everyone will receive a class folder on the first day of school; below are additional supplies:
  • Lined binder paper and pencil — For class folder and taking notes.
  • Knee pads (optional) — to protect the knees during any floor exercises.
  • Hair ties — To secure hair up and away from neck.
Dance Attire (Dress Code)—label all of your clothes and belongings with a permanent marker!
  • RIS PE Shorts (or solid colored leggings—no patterns)

  • RIS PE Shirt (or a plain Gray or Black T-shirt—must fully cover stomach)

  • Dance Shoes (see photo to right—either jazz or ballet shoes are acceptable; you do not need both)

  • Running Shoes for Run Days (see photo to right—NO FILA’s, Converse, Vans, etc.)
Where to Buy Dance Attire/Shoes—recommended brands: Sansha, Capezio, Bloch.
  • Expressly Motion Dancewear(310) 378-2204
    A local business that provides various high-quality products such as dance shoes and dance attire. 

  • Discount Dance Supplyhttps://www.discountdance.com/
    An online dance shop with various products, affordable prices, fast shipping, and non-contact friendly.  


Parents, we need help with donations for classroom supplies and reward items for our new Dance Dollar class store! (The Dance Dollar Reward System is to encourage motivation. Students will have various chances to earn Dance Dollars weekly. They can use Dance Dollars to buy prizes from our class store which will open every two weeks.)

Here are the Amazon Wishlists where you can purchase the items (or get an idea of what is needed): 
*These Amazon Wishlists will only show unpurchased items and has RIS’ address preset for shipping.
Looking forward to seeing you all next week! 
Ms. Ashlee Blosser
Dance Educator, RIS ASB Advisory, Co-Supervisor for RIS GSA Club
Ridgecrest Intermediate School