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Evelyn Sommer » Welcome to Spanish!

Welcome to Spanish!

Welcome to the 2017-2018! All homework and classwork will be posted on THIS website on each class page. 

Recent Posts

el 30 de mayo: Esp 1

Obj: Review preterite of -ar, -er, and -ir verbs.
Pick up worksheet 1-22 to copy and anwer.
Pick up your Dados work from Tuesday to correct!
Tarea: Study preterite and write more activities to your last night's homework.
Topic: What you did over the Memorial Day weekend.

el 19 de abril: Esp.1B

Review for tomorrow's written portion of 6:1 Exam. Topic was written on board and examples were written on front board.
Exam tomorrow.

el 30 de marzo: Esp1,1a,1b

Video viernes....Easter in Mexico w/questions. Write 10 questions on your warm-ups.

el 12 de enero: Esp.2

Exam on 2:3. Scantron and Written. Turn in all acts today. Also turn in Workbook pages 2:3.

Oct. 2 Sp. 2

Finish workbook pgs 13-20 on preterite tense. We received stamps for these pages. Finish for homework and get stamps tomorrow.
We also went over A,B,C, D written exams on front board. How do I get a good grade, what do I need to change in order to improve on writing skills were discussed.