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I'd like to welcome everyone to a new school year!! Although this is my first school year at Ridgecrest, it is my 7th school year as a math teacher.  I'm so excited to interact with each and everyone of you, so please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns.  I do have high expectations for all my students, and believe every student has the potential to be high achieving.  On this page, you will find useful updates on homework assignments, notes, and announcements on upcoming tests.  I appreciate everyone's support in making this a great school year!! :) 


Recent Posts

Any student discussing the district math summative assessment with others, sharing specific information about the test will be considered cheating.  Sharing this information is a serious matter and will not be accepted. 

As we approach the end of trimester 2 please double check your Aeries to verify every assignment and assessment you've done has been creditedThis DOES NOT mean you get to turn in late work.  This means for grades that you've received back and you see a zero on Aeries, it could be my mistake and I need to fix it for you ASAP.  You can show it to me in class, or email me a picture of your assessment/assignment so I can fix your grade. Thanks!! 

Thought I should share this...

There have been several opportunities throughout the school year to earn some extra credit.  The last extra credit that was due Feb. 14:


27 out of 93 6th graders (excluding Accelerated class) received extra credit.  There were a few other students (about 5) that turned in incomplete work or only answers and did not receive extra credit.


11 out of 34 7th graders received extra credit.  A couple students that turned in incomplete work or no work did not receive credit.


What's the point? 


For all students that keep asking, "What should I do to bring up my grade?," this was a huge opportunity. And yet, only about 30% of students take advantage of/attempt this opportunity.  Take every opportunity that's given to you!! 

End of the trimester is around the corner...March 2nd!!! That's 3 weeks to do your best to ensure you get the grade you've worked hard for. 

EXTRA CREDIT assignment due by Wednesday February 14.  Students may turn this assignment in earlier if they wish, but no late assignments will be accepted. 

1) no work = no credit 

2) incomplete work = no credit 

3) incorrect work = no credit

*This post not meant for Period 4 ACC 


Click your specific class for the extra credit; this is not for period 4 Accelerated

Click the Apple Below Every Post

I have recently asked students, but this also goes out to all parents that see anything posted on Edlio; please do me a favor and click the apple below a post once you've seen it.  This will give me huge feedback as to how many people actually see my posts.  When posts don't have as many "apples," it does make me think whether or not such reminders, announcements serve useful.  This also applies to my super star posts.  I want to keep posting what I think is useful information, so all I ask is that you give me an apple as a sign that I should continue posting information on Edlio.  Thank you!! :) 


Please click on your specific class to see information about current and future study guides for chapter tests.

All students have 2 homework assignments due TOMORROW! Check the homework link on your specific class to make sure you did the correct page and the assigned problems. 

There were a lot of kids that are not being mentioned but also did really great on their test.  I think we set a new record with the number of SUPER STARS this test!!! PLEASE CLICK THE LITTLE RED APPLE under this post if you're seeing this. :) 


Carla           Tatiana              Kenneth      Oliver

Mary            Haruka              Lilly            Sophie

Matthew      Luke                  Ari              Caori

Ellie            Benjamin           Praveen       Lynn

Nathen         Irene


Manahil       Lea               Samuel         Kimberley

Winston      Antonia        Benicio             Erin

Dylan        Andrew D.          Kyle             Chloe 

Ethan       Charlotte             Axel          Dagmara

Andrew H.    Nathan           Yuta               Risa



Alyson          Ryan O.         Justin             Eliza

Ella                Lisa               Audra             Myla

Phoebe         Erik               Amani              Calli

Kaya           Oscar            Adriana            Brian

Karen          Steven            Fariya

Due to this week's crazy schedule students were given both homework assignments for the week TODAY and have until Monday January 29 to complete both assignments.  We will not be following our normal homework and assessment schedule. :( Assessments this week will be Wednesday or Thursday, depending what day students have me. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 6th graders (Accelerated/Period 4) on their outstanding achievement!!! So proud of you!

Ariel                    David                  Mark                  Kiara                   Zeyna                 Brian W.              Steven                Alan                    Evan              Saifali                 Kate B.                Eshani    Jonathan            Sato                    Keita                  Su-A                    Keira                   Liam                    Charlotte            Kate P.               James                Lynn                    Bryce                 Elin        Jaehoon             Sydney               William              Brian C.              Meggie


Parents -

Please help me make sure that when students are absent, they turn in missed assignments or make up assessments.  Too many grades are dropping dramatically because too many students are absent and will not bother to make up assignments or assessments.  They are still responsible for the missed material and must make it up.  In the syllabus, it states they have the number of days they were absent to make up missing work.  I would hate to give students D's or F's because of too many missed assignments. Thank you for your support!!! 

--> If you'd like to HELP OUR CLASS, please click link below to see current needs <--
Thank You!!!