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β€œThe world looks so different after learning science. For example, trees are made of air, primarily. When they are burned, they go back to air, and in the flaming heat is released the flaming heat of the sun which was bound in to convert the air into tree, and in the ash is the small remnant of the part which did not come from air that came from the solid earth, instead. These are beautiful things, and the content of science is wonderfully full of them. They are very inspiring, and they can be used to inspire others.”


-Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist



Recent Posts

Thank You!

Wow, thank you for an overwhelming response to the request for cans!  We definitely have enough for our labs next week, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it!
Have a great weekend!
Mr. Oschman

Study Guide for 1st Unit "Opportunity" (Exam) Now Posted

Hi All!
The Study Guide for the 1st Unit 'Opportunity' (Exam, but that's such a horrible word!) is now posted under "6th Grade Unit 1 Materials" on my Edlio site.  I will be handing out a hard copy in class tomorrow (Friday, 9/15), but just in case it doesn't make it home, it's on Edlio.  The Opportunity will be next Friday, 9/22, and will cover Chapter 1 in the text book, as well as graphing material that we are covering in class.
Hope to see you tonight at Back to School Night!
Scot Oschman

Science 7 Study Guide Posted

Hi All,
For my Science 7 students & families, just a quick note to let you know I've posted a helpful Study Guide on my Edlio page for this Friday's "Intro to Science 7" Quiz.  I will update the calendar right now.  Thanks for bearing with me as we get ramped up for a great year of learning Science!
Scot Oschman