Spanish Class Supply List 2019-2020

Spanish Class Supply List

  • One three-ring binder for Spanish class materials only, divided into four sections.
  1. Práctica (for warm up activities, class notes, and in class practice exercises),
  2. Vocabulary (for chapter Vocabulary which will be completed and turned in at the end of each chapter on exam day for 30 points),
  3. Tarea (for homework assignments that are not in the workbook),
  4. Papeles Viejos (any completed work that is graded and returned to you). Everything should be neatly organized and hole-punched.
  • A folder for any Handouts.
  • Pens (red & blue/black), pencils, highlighter
  • ** Strongly recommended: a Spanish/English pocket-sized dictionary, glue stick, markers/colored pencils/or crayons.