How to turn in Spanish Assignments from Textbook/workbook

My dear students,
With the uncertainty of the times we are experiencing I think I would like to make a change on how you are submitting your work.  I had originally told you that certain things can be turned in after break in person, but I think it is better and I would appreciate it if you could start taking pictures/screen shots of any assignments that are not already electronic and submit to me in Teams or by email.  If you prefer you could simply create word documents titled the textbook activity or the CMP pages and activities and just submit this way.
This way I can really keep track of your progress and keep posting your points in Aeries, instead of waiting for after break to have you "hand in" your work.
Teams is way better and organized than email, but if you absolutely have to email me your work please make sure that you include first and last name, class and period so I can quickly give you credit.
Please take care of yourselves and stay safe!
Thank you & Love you all,