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β€œThe world looks so different after learning science. For example, trees are made of air, primarily. When they are burned, they go back to air, and in the flaming heat is released the flaming heat of the sun which was bound in to convert the air into tree, and in the ash is the small remnant of the part which did not come from air that came from the solid earth, instead. These are beautiful things, and the content of science is wonderfully full of them. They are very inspiring, and they can be used to inspire others.”


-Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist


Recent Posts

Science 6 Update: Time Capsules Due Tomorrow!

Hi All,
Just a reminder that the Time Capsule Activity is due tomorrow (Tuesday, June 5th).  If you've misplaced the instructions packet, which includes the 'Student Survey', I've posted it to Edlio in the "Body Systems Unit" page.

Science 7: Interactive Study Guide Answers Posted

The Interactive Study Guide Answers for Science 7 are posted in the "Unit 7: Chemistry" folder.  It will be the first file.  You can ignore #11-13 on the last page- nothing like that will be on tomorrow's Opportunity.
We are in the home stretch!  Don't stress, but be prepared to show me what you've learned about chemistry over the past few weeks.  There won't be too many balancing equations problems, so don't over-study that.  A special treat for those of you that are paying attention: You can bring a one-sided, 3"X5" note card with any notes you'd like on it with you into the Opportunity tomorrow. :)
See you soon!

Science 6 and Science 7 Study Guides Posted

Hi All,
The study guide for your last Opportunity of the year (yay!) is posted on Edlio- for 6th grade it is in the "Science 6, Unit 8, Body Systems" folder, and for 7th grade it is in the "Science 7, Unit 7, Chemistry" folder (under the picture of me).
Happy studying!

Science 6: Exploratorium Cow Eye Dissection Video

Instructions for Wednesday, May 23rd, 6th Grade Science:
Please watch this video as homework for Wednesday night (this needs to be completed BEFORE you come to class on Thursday, May 24).  You may want to watch a couple of times.
After you watch, please go into the "Science 6, Unit 8: Body Systems" Folder, open the 'Cow Eye Dissection Instructions', read through it, and as you read, SUMMARIZE EACH OF THE 13 (THIRTEEN) STEPS OF THE COW EYE DISSECTION IN ONE OR TWO SENTENCES PER STEP (MAXIMUM).  
**Bonus: If you finish early, Write all of the definitions for the vocabulary terms on p. 8 of the packet in your own words.
Mr. O

Science 7 Update

I've posted the grading sheet/rubric for our Compound Model/Mobile Project so you can see how your project will be graded.