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β€œThe world looks so different after learning science. For example, trees are made of air, primarily. When they are burned, they go back to air, and in the flaming heat is released the flaming heat of the sun which was bound in to convert the air into tree, and in the ash is the small remnant of the part which did not come from air that came from the solid earth, instead. These are beautiful things, and the content of science is wonderfully full of them. They are very inspiring, and they can be used to inspire others.”


-Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist



Recent Posts

Science 6 Update

Hi All!
I hope you're having a great long weekend!  I just posted the Study Guide for our Cell Processes Opportunity (Exam) on Edlio (in the 'Science 6, Unit 5, Cell Processes' Folder).  Please use Chapter 5 in the Green Text Book, as well as your Happy Fun Time packet from class and your Cell Cycle Paper Plate Model to help you.  The Opportunity is Friday, Feb. 23rd.
Mr. Oschman


Please remember the following about your Egg-Speriment write up:
1. It's due tomorrow (Friday)!
2. In addition to the C-E-R written portion, It includes a LINE graph for all three eggs (so a triple line graph).  The graph should be on a separate page, and should take up the whole page.  Date goes on the X (horizontal) axis, Size (in mm) on the Y (vertical) axis.  if one of your eggs broke, you'll still make a line for it, but the line will end when your egg broke.  In your graph, don't forget to include:
- a title
- labels on each axis
- color (each line is a different color)
- a key (so we know which line is for which egg)
- use a RULER (for the x and y axes, AND for each egg line)
3. Reports can be typed or hand written (the important thing is that it is NEAT), graphs can be done by hand or on the computer (again, NEAT), but you MUST turn in a physical paper to me (I will not accept emailed papers, so please do not send them to me).
Can't wait to see your Egg-cellent reports! :)
Mr. Oschman

Science 7 Homework for the Week of 2/12/18:

Science 7 Homework for the Week of 2/12/18:
Please look in the Unit 5 Materials for Science 7, and you will see the homework that you will need to do in preparation for our Cow Eye Dissection Lab this Friday.  Please have this completed by Friday morning. :)  
Mr. Oschman

Websites for Sci 6 Cell Division Flip Book

Science 6 Update: Egg-speriments!

Hi All,
Just a quick update for Science 6 to let you know that we are finishing up with our Incredible Egg-speriments this week!  Today we began the written report for the egg-speriment, and we will finish it in class tomorrow.  THERE IS NO NEED TO WORK ON THE WRITTEN REPORT AT HOME. 

Students should bring their eggs to class on Friday, (just one of the eggs is all you need to bring), sealed in a zip-loc type baggie, and then placed in a hard-sided container.

Also, I am not sending out a Sign Up Genius at this time, but we can always use paper towels, wipes, and Kleenex for the classroom if you've got any to spare.  Thanks in advance for any donations!

Mr. Oschman

Science 6 Unit 4 (Cells) 'Opportunity' (Exam) Study Guide

Hi All,
The extremely helpful Study Guide for our Unit 4 (Cells) Opportunity is now posted on Edlio.  Please don't wait- print and fill it out, then make flash cards from it and study, study, study.  The Opportunity is coming up next Friday, Feb. 2nd. 
Have a great weekend!
Mr. Oschman 

A little more Science 6 update...

Hi again,
The 'Letter e' microscope lab and Plant cell microscope lab are due on Tuesday, January 30.  These were in-class labs, and students had time to work on/finish these in class, but many did not- no problem if they didn't, they should just finish by Tuesday.  The lab papers with instructions/questions are posted to Edlio.  If students did not finish their drawings of what they saw in the microscopes, they will need to draw from memory (again, not a problem- just do your best).

Science 6 Update

Hi All!
A quick update on Science:
*Our next Opportunity (on Cells- chapters 2 & 4 in the green text book) will be on Friday, Feb. 2nd.  A Study guide will be posted on Edlio approximately one week prior.
*The "Mix & Match" for our Cells unit is due tomorrow, Wednesday, January 24th.  Detailed instructions are available on the Roadmap (which is on Edlio if you've misplaced your copy).  Since we are on block schedule Wed. & Thurs., periods 4, 5, & 6 will turn this in on Thursday.
*We will be doing our next Lab Journal Check this week.  Please be sure to bring your Lab Journal to class every day this week.
*Registration for the Spring Break Japan Trip (open to all grades, family members & friends) closes on January 28th.  Details on www.doctoroschman.com
*There's still a few spaces on the 6th Grade Florida trip!  Details on www.doctoroschman.com 
Scot Oschman