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Ridgecrest Intermediate School

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Welcome hendrickson@pvpusd.net

Welcome to my teacher page.
Email:   hendrickson@pvpusd.net

Recent Posts

Week 12: May 29 - June 1 Geometry H

Monday: Memorial Day!
Wednesday: Final exam
Friday:  Have a great weekend!!!  Just a few more days to go!

Week 12: May 29 - June 1 PVCM6 accel

Monday:  Memorial Day!
Tuesday:  chapter 10 blue packet and online work due tomorrow
Wednesday: Final exam (know how to add,subtract,multiply and divide fractions.  Ratio,cross multiply, equations)
Wednesday: Final exam
Friday:  Have a great weekend!!!!  A few more days to go!

Week 11: May 21-25 Geometry H

Monday: review circles papers from group work
Wednesday: chapter 11 test Big Ideas
Friday: minimum day, have a great weekend! Final exam next Wednesday

Week 11: May 21-25 PVCM6 Accel

Monday:  Evaluate packet pages 4,5 (Rodeo star, daffynition decoder) due tomorrow
Tuesday:  Purple equations packet due tomorrow
Wednesday: unfinished tests?  distributive, percents or equations
Friday:  minimum day, have a great weekend!  Final exam Wednesday, May 30.

Week 10: May 14 - 18 Geometry H

Monday: finish group quiz
Wednesday: block schedule
Friday: testing

Week 10: May 14 - 18 PVCM6 Accel

Monday:  see your green packet checklist for practice tests and test topics to finish the year
Tuesday: block schedule p 1- 3
Wednesday: block schedule p 4-6
Thursday: block schedule p 1-3 testing
Friday: block schedule p 4-6 testing

Week 9: May 7 - 11 Geometry H

Monday: area testing
Tuesday: block schedule p 1,2,3
Wednesday: block schedule p 4,5,6
Thursday: math testing p 1- 3
Friday: math testing p 4 -6

Week 9: May 7 - 11 PVCM6 Accel

Monday:  practice tests for end of year topics given today, start working on the ASAP.
Tuesday:  Block schedule periods 1,2,3
Wednesday:  Block schedule periods 4,5,6
Thursday: Math testing p. 1-3
Friday: Math testing p. 4-6
Continue working on the end of year practice tests (equations, distributive, percents).  Same schedule next week.

Week 8: April 30- May 4 Geometry H

Monday:  continue working on ch. 11 Big Ideas
Wednesday:  review CAASP testing
Friday: Have a great weekend!  Block schedule next week Tuesday - Friday CAASP testing.

Week 8: April 30- May 4 PVCM6 Accel

Monday: Chapter 9 Big Ideas test Friday.  Look at your PRACTICE test that you took, and bring notes if you would like.  Chapter 9 online due Thursday.
Friday: Chapter 9 Big Ideas test
Continue working on PURPLE EQUATIONS PACKET, chapter 10 Big Ideas coming up.
Next 2 weeks:  Block schedule Tuesday - Friday, CAASP testing schedule.

Week 7: Jan. 23 - 27 Geometry H

Monday:  10.1 - 11.3 due Thursday
Friday:  SA & Vol quiz

Week 7: April 23 - 27 PVCM6 accel

Monday: Chapter 9 packet due Thursday
Continue working on the purple equations packet, or evaluate packet.
Online chapter 9 assignments will be available tomorrow to work on.
Friday:  Have a great weekend!

Week 6: April 16-20 Geometry H

Monday: angles, unit circle
Tuesday:  circle challenge
Friday:  area, apothem quiz

Week 6: April 16-20 PVCM6 Accel

Monday:  Work on surface area/volume packet
Tuesday: ch. 8 practice test online (2 versions) will help for Friday's ch. 8 test
Friday:  Ch. 8 test.  Bring notes, very similar to the two chapter 8 tests posted online from Big Ideas

Week 5: April 9 - 13 Geometry H

Monday: Ch. 11 Surface area and volume
Tuesday: continue surface area/volume
Friday:  quiz 1 ch. 11