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Welcome [email protected]

Welcome to my teacher page.


Week 10: May 18 - 22

Continue working on Big Ideas assignments.  Zoom meeting Friday if you need help with Big Ideas assignments or quizzes.

Week 10: May 18 - 22 PVCM 6 Accel

Please complete the equations and percents tests this week.  Calculators OK on the percents test.  You will submit these in Forms later in the week.
Zoom meetings Thursday or Friday to help you with any questions you may have on Big Ideas or these tests.
Continue working on Big Ideas assignments and submit them when finished.

Week 9: May 11 - 15 Geometry H

Zoom meeting Friday
Continue working on Big Ideas online
More information will be posted on Teams

Week 9: May 11-15 PVCM 6 Accel

Period 1 Zoom meeting Tuesday
Periods 2,3,4 Zoom meeting Wednesday
Continue working on Big Ideas online.
Chapter 9,10, 8, 7, 5.
More information on Teams and emails about the meetings 

Week 8: May 4 - 8 Geometry H

Please continue working on Big Ideas.
You can still turn in assignments (check Aeries) for full credit.
Zoom meeting Friday.  More info will be sent in an email/Teams.

Week 8: May 4 - 8 PVCM6 Accel

Please look at your AERIES gradebook in math.  If you have missing assignments from Big Ideas, please turn them in and you will still receive full credit.
Zoom meeting info sent in an email and TEAMS.
Continue working on Big Ideas.
If you need help, video lessons are available on screencast for chapter 7, 9,. 10.  We covered chapter 8 last week in the Zoom lesson.  Use those for answers.  Calculators/notes ok for all assignments.

Week 7: April 27 - May 1 Geometry H

Continue working on Big Ideas assignments online.  Zoom meeting this week, more information will be posted on Teams.

Week 7: April 27 - May 1 PVCM 6 Accel

Continue working on Big Ideas online assignments.
Period 1 Zoom meeting Tuesday
Periods 2,3,4 Zoom meetings Wednesday
Look for more information on TEAMS

Week 6: April 20-24 Geometry H

Big Ideas chapter 10 online.  Also work on circles packet and video lesson, Zoom meeting Friday

Week 6: April 20 - 24 PVCM 6 Accel

Monday:  New assignments for chapter 7 are posted on Big Ideas.  These new Big Ideas topics will be covered more in detail during a Zoom meeting this week.
Please print out the chapter 7 Big Ideas packet part 2 from this page (look on the right side of this green box)
We will go over this new packet in a zoom meeting this week (invitation to follow).  It will help to print these 7 pages prior to the meeting. 

Week 5: April 13-17 PVCM 6 Accel

Look for the April 13 update/checklist on this website (right side, in green) and follow directions.
New assignments posted on Big Ideas
Zoom meeting Wednesday at 11 am.  More information coming.

Week 4: April 6-10 PVCM 6 Accel

Students, please fill out this survey:
Big Ideas chapter 10 packet is posted here on Edlio.
Please print this and follow along the video on screencast:
Click below for link, or google screencast hendrickson, and find the "chapter 10 big ideas video"

Week 4: April 6 - 10 Geometry H

Look for new assignments on Big Ideas chapter 9.6 and 9.7
Practice quizzes and practice tests for chapter 9 will be loaded this week.  Look for help on certain questions.

Spring break

Students and parents,

Has it just been 2 weeks since this all started?  Friday the 13th and the pi day party that never was... The world has certainly changed during these past few weeks, and I hope that you are all healthy and safe.

I encourage you to find new ways to relax and rejuvenate during this upcoming spring break.  I plan to have new assignments and video lessons after the break, and will continue updating through Edlio.


Currently, no grades are entered in Aeries for math.  I will provide information for future assessments after the break.

Please HOLD ON to any packets or papers completed while at home.  Do not scan them or send them to me, and refer to some of them while working on Big Ideas assignments.

PVCM 6 Accel: All packets are posted on Edlio.

Should have completed 9 pages of the equations purple packet, the inequalities video lesson, and the Big Ideas chapter 9 packet (pink cover sheet). Keep these papers!

Next, Big Ideas online (chapter 7,9 and anything else posted.  Calculators OK. Practice tests and quizzes will NOT count as a grade yet).

Looking ahead:  equations packet (green cover sheet), 6th grade problem solving on Edlio

For those finished with everything and more, look for new materials after spring break.

Geometry Honors:

Should have completed the special right triangles packet, trig packet and Big Ideas online work.

Look for chapter 10 and 11 materials after spring break.

I miss you all and wish you the best!

Mr. Hendrickson